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Fixed barcode scanner application

Time:2021-10-29 Views:784

The fixed barcode scanner is now one of the necessary equipment for many businesses. Once the barcode cannot be read normally, it will affect the normal work. So what causes such a situation usually? Next, let's introduce some common reasons in detail. The primary reason that the fixed barcode scanner cannot read the barcode normally: it may be because the scanning barcode is not turned on. For some special barcodes that scan the network, they are turned off in the factory settings, and you need to turn them on according to the instruction manual to read the barcode information normally.

Fixed barcode scanner application 

1. Auto-sensing and constant-light scanning mode: No external sensor is required, barcodes are automatically sensed, and scanned and read automatically.

2. Omnidirectional reading mode: 360-degree omnidirectional reading of barcodes, which minimizes the trouble of locating barcodes, and ensures fast and accurate reading of barcodes


3. A variety of specifications and models: high-density models, long-distance reading models, color image models, etc., and provide customized design and development to meet diverse needs


4. Applications: semiconductor production, printed circuit boards, assembly line production, component tracking, clinical instruments, self-service terminals and other fields.


5. Application scenarios: The handheld image QR code scanner can scan various types of QR codes, and is widely used in fields such as tax-related documents and tickets, logistics, transportation and sanitation, and meets the business needs of various users for rapid reading .


Lightweight and compact design of fixed barcode scanner: Provides all required functions in a portable structure, reducing user fatigue. Durable and reliable: Durable structure and sealing provide reliable operation, allowing mobile workers to be exposed to almost all light Fast and reliable wireless connection for data operations under conditions: to achieve indoor and outdoor wireless coverage, allowing real-time access to the main data powerful processor and network connection: to provide fast business transactions, so that mobile workers can quickly complete multiple tasks.


The purpose of the fixed barcode scanner is to read the barcodes sent by the assembly line to ensure that the company can automatically detect all the product barcodes that have problems, thereby ensuring product quality, greatly reducing rework rates and reducing production costs, so as to improve the efficiency of the production line Degree of integration and automation. It is understood that if the fixed barcode scanner is used in the automatic assembly line of the manufacturing industry, the packaging line conveyor belt, the logistics sorting assembly line, the PCB scanning code of the electronic factory assembly line, if manual errors or omissions will inevitably occur, this is due to The types and quality of barcodes are determined by different types, and manual scanning is time-consuming and laborious. There are also problems of missing scanning and barcode abnormalities (such as duplicate codes, wrong codes, missing codes, etc.), which is not conducive to improving productivity. At the same time, due to the continuous operation of the assembly line, the probability of problem products flowing into the next process is extremely high, resulting in product quality being affected, increasing the probability of rework and production costs.

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